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Bangkok Trip Day 1

April 2, 2012

Arrived at 6:15am; Thailand time. One hour behind Philippine time.
Clean rooms & bathrooms(very important), delicious breakfast, friendly staff…thumbs up!

Their taxi cabs really stand out in the street.Their version of the tricycle.

Crab meat in yellow curry sauce. Mmmmmm!User-friendly bottle caps for their bottled water.This restaurant was very honest with the fees they included in the bill. At least we know that the 135 Baht was for their air condition fee.

Appetizing? Not appetizing? Could someone tell me what this is.Here, something more familiar. Nomnomnom!

View of King Rama VIII Bridge from the Riverside boat. Hello tired eyes. One of many delicious meals that was on their menu. Fried Rice baked in a pineapple. Probably my favorite kind of fried rice now.Hello again user-friendly bottle cap.View of the Grand Palace.Last shot for the day. Fell asleep the whole trip back after this one was taken.


Stay tuned for more on my Bangkok trip!



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