5 Things: March

1. Hair in (almost) a decade

My hair’s been through a lot of changes in the past year, and this is just a brief look of what those changes were.Around June 2011; Just had a perm after contemplating about my hair being too plain. Regret.

January 2012; dyed my hair from brown to black with one simple reason — to stop retouching my roots. But was I very wrong :|

Because….Still around January 2012; dyed the back part of my hair pink(which was supposed to be red). Didn’t I just dye my hair black to– ugh, nevermind.

February 2012; finally cut off the super dried part of my hair and got a pixie cut. I was supposed to just have it cut at shoulder length since I’ve been growing out my hair, but I’ve always been meaning to know how I’d sport a pixie cut. So I gave in and I now look like a guy. It’s not the same as how Emma Watson sports hers, ohhh no, not that elegant, no no no.

September 2011 | March 2012; For comparison

2. DIY

Give me a free day to do nothing, and I might resort to desperately do something, like recycling my clothes and accessories.


3. Back to Zambales

Making Smores!

Back to Zambales with the family. This time we had dinner and a bonfire by the river. Mmm, Nutella♥

4. Bangkok Bound

Things bought during our Bangkok Trip: 1(L-R)Kipling wallet, Benefit’s Full finish lipstick Slow Zone & Whatt’s Up Highlighter, FaceShop’s Lovely ME:EX Nail Polish in GR501 & OR202, United Colors of Benetton purse | 2Little String Lanterns

5. Adventure Time!

I can’t remember the point where I stopped watching cartoons, but I think for the past 3 years, I haven’t watched a full TV cartoon episode. A couple of weeks ago, Ace and I were trying to find something to watch and happen to stumble on Cartoon Network which at the time was playing Adventure Time. We’ve been trying to catch it everyday (or when we have time) ever since.

One of the reasons why I enjoy watching Adventure Time, besides the randomness of the show of course; their songs are great and catchy. Enjoy this one from Marceline the Vampire Queen :)




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