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DIY: Maxi to Mullet

March 6, 2012

Gather materials: Sewing kit(pins, needles, and thread), Scissors, The maxi skirt, and the skirt you’ll use as a guide(optional)

If you have a mullet skirt that you wanna use as a guide while cutting the maxi skirt, remember to fold it lengthwise/in the middle so that it ends up in this manner.

Pin the mullet skirt over the maxi skirt to secure it while cutting.

Some maxi skirts have long linings like mine. Tuck it away from the part that will soon be cut.

Cut the maxi skirt, following the edge of the mullet skirt (on top). Note: Leave a few inches from the edge of the mullet skirt. That part may be folded and sewn or edged later on.

Take out the lining. As you can see, it’s longer than the front part of the skirt now.

Fold the lining (approximately 1″ from the shortest point of the skirt). Pin the ends of the lining to secure it, and cut.

Edge or sew the edges to have a neat finish. Since, I don’t own a sewing machine and wouldn’t want to hand stitch the edges, I had it finished at the tailor’s. As you can see, the part that wasn’t cut still has an edged stitch while the lining and front part are now sewn.

DIY project done!



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