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DIY: Gold Glitter Pimsolls

March 4, 2012

Materials needed from RL: Newspaper, Glue, Gold Glitter, Paintbrush, Bowl, Masking Tape, and of course, the Pimsolls. You could also use any old sneaker for this DIY project :)

Untie shoelaces.

Tape the part/s of your shoe where you wouldn’t want the glitter to be. In this case I just taped the rubber part, but you could also tape the inner lining of the shoe to avoid it from the glitter “shower” later on.

When everything’s ready, mix glue and water into a bowl. Note: The mixture should have more glue than water (around 1/4 water and 3/4 glue). You could also purchase Mod Podge, an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish.

Brush the glue on the shoe. You could start on any part of the shoe, it’s up to you  :) My little attempts to rhyme, haha. I meant brush the glue mixture on the shoe.

Shower the glitter on the shoe (where you brushed the glue mixture).I would suggest showering it 2-3 times before “shaking” the glitter off. As you can see, there are spots where the glitter didn’t stick to the glue. Don’t worry about using too much of the glitter. You’ll see why later. Carry on.

Continue brushing the rest of the shoe. Note: At the point where you’ll connect the part with glitter and the part without, just DAB the brush to avoid the glittered part from smudging.

Using another newspaper, set the shoe aside.

Collect the glitter so it does not go to waste.

Retouch. Remember, DAB not BRUSH at this point.

Fortunate accident. I never planned on covering the black lining of the pimsolls, but my absentminded self accidentally covered it on the other pair. Which was a good thing cause it looked better (for me).

When everything’s done, dry the pimsolls. On a hot day in the Philippines, drying these outside won’t take too long. Once they’ve dried, spray some hair spray for that extra hold. I know there are other finishers in the market, specially made for fabric.

But we can also make our own finisher :)To make the finisher, again mix glue and water in a bowl, this time add the same glitter. You can do this without the glitter, but I prefer including it just to retouch those spots I missed out the second and third time, haha. **You can actually start with this and not do the “glitter shower” step, but since my pimsolls had a heavy design, this method was not enough to cover it. You’ll notice the pimsolls will have a smooth surface once it dries.

Add the laces. I didn’t place that much glitter on the flap in the middle since it’ll be covered by the laces. You could also decide to wear them laceless, but that’s another DIY project.

And here we have it. The pimsolls are now ready to use. DIY project done!



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