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5 Things: January

January 23, 2012

Another “5 Things” entry.

 Decided to make these entries every month. I guess it’s a good thing so I get to keep my blog updated for those who read the nonsense I put here :-j And it could also be a way to force myself to write about something even when there’s nothing to talk about (like that will ever happen). Alrighty then..

1. I got a pocket full lot of sunshine.

I finally have blinds! No more peepin’ neighbors or blankets covering my window (that blocks the air, thus making my room pretty damn hot). Mom had these made, so there was this guy who came to measure my windows and whatnots. We were reluctant about the color after he left, but it turned out pretty good :) Good lighting and air ventilation in my room equals awesomesauce :-bd

Yes, Im an only child that owns 2 beds. Life’s just lonely better like that :))

2. These Little Tins & more

My mom has been using petroleum jelly for almost everything, skin related that is. It’s her number one remedy for of course, chapped lips, windburn, mosquito bites, abrasions, etcetera etcetera. The lower right tin is what my mom uses now, the others came from her friend that just arrived here from London. I never minded her stash of petroleum jelly before, but once I saw these…”Mooom! Can I have one??” I chose the little red tin cause of it’s flavor. That’s one of the reasons why I didn’t like petroleum jelly before, they were bland, or maybe I really just didn’t like the ones my mom buys :))

Ayt, for the “& more” part as the second title said. So I was exploring Cubao’s Gateway mall the other day and spent much of my time in Rustan’s, specifically the beauty section. I stumbled on the NARS booth/table/whatever and started trying on their nail polish collection. Like I said in my last “5 Things” entry, I recently have this thing for gold or yellow things, which was the first thing I saw amongst the crowd of nail polishes. It was part of a 4 polish set. I know I didn’t need another gold nail polish cause I just bought Milani’s 3D Holographic in gold, but this had finer shimmer which looks great even for casual days. The other nail polishes I tried were:

1 NARS’ Chinatown Opaque Nail Polish which looked pretty well even after one coat. 2 NARS’ Limited Edition Night Series Night Breed Nail Polish. I’m not the biggest fan for black nail polish but this one had shimmer too, how can I not try it? :))  3 BOTTOM: TheFaceshop’s Nail Color in RD301 + TOP: China Glaze’s Lighting Bolt Crackle Nail Polish. 4 BOTTOM: TheFaceshop’s Nail Color in PK102 + TIP: Milani’s 3D Holographic Nail Polish in gold. I applied 3 & 4 for comparison and for just fooling around, and ended up loving the French tip twist on my digiti minimi (little finger. Hehe, Anatomy :|).

3. What do these books have in common?

I dunno, you guys tell me :-j But of all the books I own, these are the ones that I enjoyed reading. From top to bottom: Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Animal Farm, The Catcher In The Rye, The Lost Boy (insert A Child Called It. I couldn’t find my copy, huhu), The perks of Being a Wallflower, The Shack, Why We Broke Up, and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I used to think I liked reading autobiographies, but having collected the books I’ve relished in, I’m trying to figure out what books am I REALLY fond of? Ideas?

4. Strawberry Cheese Cake Kit Kat

9th KitKat to make it to the list. That is all :))

5. Birthday Month!

Yes, January is my birthday month :) On the 28th to be exact. Anyway, we had an advance celebration in Iba, Zambales last Saturday (2 days ago). Read more about it here :)


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