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January 20, 2012

Hello, hello :)

Goooood evening, no wait, *glances at clock*  it’s 1AM :|


You know that feeling when you try to stay awake and everything just ends up being funny? This may or may not be one of those times. Guh. Moving on…2 days ago I finally had time to set up a site for a boutique my mom’s friend and I have been planning to put up. Im no business major, but planning and finally getting into the job sounds exciting! Maybe because Im not the one handling the financial part of the business. My job is to choose the stuff, find a way to sell them and spread happiness. Okay, that last one was kinda cheesy and cliché. Moving on again…

Yes, the plan was to put up a French Boutique, hence the French name Margaux, meaning pearl. Get it? Pearl of the Orient Seas– Philippines; a French boutique in the Philippines, etcetera, etcetera.

As stated in our sites, we will be formally selling on April 2012. For now, we are selling surplus items either from past bazaars or items that were forgotten in space, but now gets a chance of having a new home :)

Stop by these sites:


…and don’t forget to check for updates.

Mom actually gave me other items (besides apparel) to sell :)) So check out for those very very soon :>

See you for our 1st collection on April 2012!



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