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January 10, 2012

Sorry I didn’t post anything about my New Year’s, as promised in my last entry. Our celebration didn’t turn out as joyful as everyone expected, but it was still memorable nonetheless.


My hair’s been colored into different shades of brown in the past year. Mahogany Brown, Wood(something) Brown, and my last color, Light Blonde Brown. I never thought of venturing the wild side of coloring hair, until now. (Not now per se)

My hair’s back to its innate color with a little help from Revlon, haha. I have plans with my back to black hue. Imma make an entry as soon as it’s done…IF I finally decide to do it. (Hmmm)

Hell0 my very unruly light blonde brown hair.

The “blondness” of my hair’s hue

So after an hour of coloring, rinsing, and conditioning,

(drum roll please)


I finally have “Soft Black” hair, as the name of the hue indicated on the box :-jI really need to get my bangs fixed :/

To compare:
Before & After

Actually, if placed under bright light you could still see where my blonde brown hair used to be. But for unprofessionally coloring my hair for the first time, it’s not pretty bad or so I think :|


I may have said our New Year celebration wasn’t as happy as expected, but you can never take away happiness from a family that’s so bonded, even if they go through bad times♥

Happy 2012.


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