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5 Things: December

December 4, 2011

1. Cherry Blossoms Kit-kat

Finally unboxed the Cherry Blossoms Kitkat. It didn’t have bits and pieces of cherry blossom petals or fruits as I expected, but it’s sweeter than the green tea one, even though they look the same.

2. Accessorize

Recently noticed I keep buying accessories and clothes in either gold, mustard or orange hues.

[Ring: F21; Peacock feather necklace: Accessorize; Polish: Milani(Dear Santa Christmas Bazaar)]

3. Lush-ed up

Some gifts from mom’s friend :)The saleslady suggested that I mix these two. Still haven’t tried ’em yet.
Angel’s Delight looks like this galactic rock with pieces of holographic foil. It smells tangy which I really like on fragrance soaps :) Just like the facial cleansers, I haven’t tried this one yet.
Lastly, I’ve been lovin’ these lip tints♥(Excuse my awkward hand :-j)

Of all the tints I own, I would definitely head to lush once these finish :) They leave a light tint on the lips, enough to make mine not look pale anymore. I use the darker shade on my lower lip and the lighter shade on my upper, then mix ’em together. The “It started with a kiss” tint smells(and tastes?) like peppermint while the “Snow fairy,” which is my favorite, smells(and tastes?) like cotton candy or bubble gum or both, haha.

4. Haircut

Top: Long messy hair, Bottom: Shorter, but still messy hair.

 Really wasn’t expecting my hair to be cut this short :( After n number of months waiting for it to grow long, mr. hairdresser cuts it 3 inches short :|

5. Afternoon visit

Ah yes, visits are always great especially if it’s family, and Lulu is also part of the family :)

Erm, excuse the Winnie the Pooh bedsheets and my lack of blinds.

Other happy things today:

Read a lot of these around the net and I thought of sharing some.

No, I didn’t trip, the floor looked like it needed a hug.

 Facebook is the only place where it’s acceptable to talk to a wall. 

Decided to burn lots of calories today, so I set a fat kid on fire.


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